I’m Shannon, the creator of Grey + Beau.  The cutie on my back is none other than Greyson (Grey), the test pilot for all that we do and love and in case you may have wondered- he is the boss. 

Life is unpredictable, It changes not only with the seasons, but for the very best of reasons.  On September 30, 2017 our household became 4.  I was outnumbered, life became crazy, full of pure chaos, and extreme noise .  But, my soul never felt so complete.

Since purpose fuels passion and Grey gave our entire household a run for our money, I wanted to create a business where all stories were important, dreams counted, voices matter and all in hopes that one day this sweet little boy will realize just how he can make an impact in this beautiful world. 

Creating Grey + Beau has allowed our family to gain strength, courage. and confidence when we needed it most.  We have been blessed that this has not only allowed us to build new great memories, but been inspired by all of you to take the time and make our souls happy. 

‘... and she loved a boy very, very much-- even more than she loved herself.’  -Shel Silverstein